​Banditry: You Talk Too Much – CAN Knocks El-rufai

Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN Kaduna State Chapter, has called on Kaduna Governor, Mallam Ahmed Nasir El-rufai, to channel his strength towards generating problem solving ideas, noted that security intelligent gatherings are not public lectures.

CAN Chairman Kaduna State, Rev. Dr. Joseph John Hayap, made the call on Sunday, during the Prayer meeting held at the Albarka Fellowship Baptist Church, Television in kaduna, for the peace of Kaduna State and Nigeria, said no Governor has the Constitutional right to air unguided statement like the El-Rufai’s led government is doin.

Briefing Journalists shortly after the event, Hayap expressed that Governor Nasir El-rufai is causing the citizens a lot of pains, noted that the Governor is not guided by his utterances as a public figure.

“El-rufai is too lousy. There is no where in the Constitution that gives the Governor the right to speak lousy.
“What is the need for Government to come to the media all the time, telling people the number of persons killed on daily basis even with the comprehensive list of their names, is that governance? He asked.”

Hayap said Kaduna people are not interested in press statement, rather they are interested in action from the government.

The Christian Leader, Further lamented over the state of Kaduna and the nation as a whole, noted that the level of insecurity is deteriorating from one bad phase to another.

“The level of insecurity in our country everyday is increasing. When you come out of one you go into another. At the onset of this Banditry attacks when Pastors and others were abducted in the state, we were raising alarm for the government to go after these criminals so they do not gain a good ground. Unfortunately, those who supposed to act responsibly politicized the whole matter and did not do anything about it.

“I think gradually the Bandits and the Kidnappers assumed that the government is on their side and they grow wings, now they are terrorizing everybody because they are learning new tactics everyday. Security Information are not public lectures they are intelligent gathering, highly classified method and tactics and the government have not done this very well. The intelligent gathering around us is too poor that criminals can plan one week, one month and execute their plans and as if nobody knows anything about it. Something is wrong.” He said.

Reacting to the abducted Students of Federal College of Forestry Mechanization in Kaduna, the Cleric noted that the Governor has implicated himself, noted that same El-rufai had addressed Nigerians in a broadcast that he paid criminals to stop killing, pointed that his current stance of refusing to negotiate with bandits is contradictory to his earlier statement and this is causing the citizenry a lot of pains today.

“This was when we started having issue with the government. Right from the onset, we did not subscribe to negotiate with bandits. But the Governor said to Nigerians that he actually paid criminals to stop killing. So when he came out now to say he will not negotiate, these bandits who heard him that time are just believing that this is gimic. The man is not saying the truth.”

The cleric further noted that “if our Governor can be man enough, let him just say, Gentlemen there was a time I made a statement, I erred, am sorry. Now, I want to lead you as your Governor and am not going to compromise. Then, the bandits will know it is not a feasible game. But when you said this in the morning and said this in the evening, the Bandits will not even know which one is true. They will say, they do not even know what they are saying. I think that is when we keep hammering that we are being governed by press statement instead of action.” He added.

Hayap prayed that the all knowing God would come to the rescue of every Nigerian, noted that the Christian body loves the government but they are not happy only on the ground that they are not doing the right thing.

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