Osinbajo bags CAN awards, calls for justice, equity, fairness

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has urged Nigerian Christian leaders and groups to preach fairness and equity relentlessly and advocates freedom of worship, justice, and the rule of law.

He said this is crucial for a more united and peaceful society.

Osinbajo said this on Saturday evening in Abuja after being honoured with the Christian Association of Nigeria’s Award of Excellence at a Dinner and Awards night organized to mark the 45th anniversary of the association.

Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President on Media and Publicity, Laolu Akande, disclosed this on Sunday in a statement titled ‘Fairness, equity, respect for rights of others fundamental to peace, security, says Osinbajo’.

In his remarks after receiving the award, the Vice President noted that “fairness, equity and respect for the rights of others are fundamental to peace and security,” hence Christian leaders at all levels must strive to promote those virtues despite the challenges.

He said, “We must continue to let the important truth be known that Christ did not come to establish a religion or to condemn men, but to show all men that his own righteousness, not our righteousness or performance, is the qualification for eternal life.

“That the gospel commands consideration for the views of others, treating them as we would wish to be treated; non-violent communication, that our words must be words of grace seasoned with salt.

“We must, as an organisation and as individuals, remain constant and relentless advocates of freedom of worship, respect for human rights, fairness, justice and the rule of law.”

Commending the works of current and past leadership of CAN in promoting religious tolerance, Osinbajo said “CAN has not only been continually faithful to its founding vision, but it has also become a veritable force for peace, unity and social justice.”

According to him, “pursuant to the gospel, CAN has consistently spoken up on behalf of the ‘least of these’ in our society.

“Importantly, the current and past leadership of CAN have acted in full realization and recognition of their roles as pivotal stakeholders alongside the Government, private sector in nation-building.

“We are proud of the role of the moral compass of society and interlocutor for peace among the different faiths that CAN has played and continues to play in our nation.”

Continuing, the VP noted that “we are also proud of the enormous work that the current executive of CAN, ably led by His Eminence, Supo Ayokunle, has done.

“I am aware of your collaboration with the leadership of the Islamic and other faiths, to reconcile where there are conflicts, to pacify where there has been offence, and to reprimand where there have been misdeeds. Well, done, and congratulations.”

Speaking on dousing religious and ethnic tensions in the society, Osinbajo said “as we have seen in the past few years not just in Nigeria but all over the world, there is a growing religious and ethnic chauvinism.

“An almost intemperate, vehement and often violent dismissal of the views of people of other persuasions without adequate consideration. At the same time, there is the rise of identity and cultural politics. Brethren, the answer to hate, intolerance and conflict is the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Other award recipients include former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo; former Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha; former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara; several State governors; faith leaders, including past Presidents and General Secretary of CAN.

The Imam who, during an attack in Barkin Ladi Plateau State on June 23, 2018, saved the lives of over 200 Christians, Abdullahi Abubakar, also received a special CAN recognition.

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Lai Mohammed turbaned as kakakin Kebbi

The Emir of Argungu, HRH Sumaila Mera, on Sunday conferred the traditional title of Kakakin Kebbi (Cultural Ambassador of Kebbi) on the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the turbaning, which took place at the forecourt of the emir’s palace in Argungu town, Kebbi State, was on the sideline of the 2021 World Tourism Day to be celebrated in Birnin-Kebbi on Monday.

Speaking at the event, the Emir said that the title was conferred on the minister because of his “courage and strength of character in projecting the image of Nigeria locally and internationally.”

Specifically, the Emir said the emirate honoured the minister with the title as a show of appreciation for his effort in promoting the Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival to attain international status.

NAN reports that the annual festival, which attracts local and international participants and tourists, was in 2017 listed by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The Emir also commended past Ministers of Culture and Tourism for their efforts in promoting the festival nationally since 1970.

“Traditionally, Kakakin is an instrument which attracts attention. From the authority of the Emir and the entire people of the emirate, it has now been handed over to the recipient.

“The bearer of the instrument is the trumpet of the Argungu Emirate and he will be traditionally referred to as Kakakin. This gesture will be permanently recorded in the annal of our history that the minister is the Kakakin Kebbi.

“On behalf of the entire people of the emirate, I welcome you most warmly and I want to assure you that we will involve you in all matters of importance in the emirate,” he said

The minister thanked the emir and the entire people of the emirate for their affection and generosity in bestowing the honour and title of Kakakin Kebbi on him.

“As the cultural ambassador of Kebbi, I will endeavour that we develop all the festivals in the four emirates in the state in a manner that they will be globally recognised

“I will also work assiduously to ensure these festivals become magnet to unite Nigeria and make the state a global tourist destination,” he said.

The minister said the choice of Kebbi for the 2021 celebration of the World Tourism Day was not just by coincidence but well planned and thought out.

According to him, Kebbi State is one of the frontline cultural and tourism destinations and all the four emirates in the state have sellable cultural heritages.

He appealed to the private sector to invest in culture and festivals, stressing that they were the heritage that would be handed over to the children unborn.

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“Kaduna State Will Be a Big Market” – Emir Sanusi

The former Emir of Kano, North-West NIgeria, Muhammad Sanusi II, has said that Kaduna State will be a big market very soon and it will encourage Investment.

He made this assertion while speaking at the ‘Day Two’ of the Kaduna State Investment Summit on Friday.

While calling on the government to encourage market access, he said, “If Kaduna state government continues with its e-government plan it will be a big market itself and it will encourage investment which are all knowledge economy aspiration and a shift in government spending to match the priority,” he said.

According to him, that job creation in a knowledge economy is not about creating jobs in Kaduna but equipping citizens with skills to participate in the global economy. “You have global platforms now that enable people with development skills to find employment anywhere in the world which is the future of knowledge economy,” he said.

According to him, today, Nigeria is having difficulties in oil production and noted that the product is now being rejected globally because there is no longer a future in carbon.

Sanusi who was a former Governor of the Central Bank pointed out that, the future lies in a knowledge-based economy, however, lamented that, Nigeria is far behind many African countries in the innovation index and ranking 114th globally.

According to him, while Ghana with a smaller economy invests more in education, Nigeria spends seven per cent of its budget in that direction, saying that, only eight of every 100 Nigerians who start primary school, complete university.

“Globally, work is being redefined. 30 to 40 per cent of workers in developed economies will need to significantly upgrade their skills by 2030. And what are the major drivers of this redefinition? ICT and remote working, which we have seen even here with COVID.

‘There is increased automation and artificial intelligence. Very soon, robots will take over work in most countries and those who would have hob are those who operate the robots or manufacture the robots or service the robot.

“And you have decarbonisation. For us in Nigeria, the enclave economy that we have, the so-called goose that lays the golden egg is about to die. There will be no eggs. The future is not in the carbons.

“A few months ago, Germany was able to produce enough renewable energy for the entire country’s need. Today, we are having difficulties selling Nigerian oil. So, not only are we having problems producing, even when we produce, the market is not there.

“So, this is forcing a change, and for us a country that depends on oil, things need to change.

“Nigeria is ranked 114th in the global innovation index. We are lower than other African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda and Senegal. We are in fact ranked 14th in sub-Saharan Africa. I think we should have this reality check and know where we are as a country. Let’s stop calling ourselves the giant of Africa because we are the giant with clay feet.

“Countries like Kenya, Rwanda and Senegal are ahead of us. I am not even talking about South Africa. Our expenditure on education is only seven per cent of the budget. We are spending less on education than Ghana; I am not talking about as per the percentage of the budget; in absolute terms, even though the Ghanaian economy is much smaller than the Nigerian economy, even though the Ghanaian government revenue is less than Nigerian revenue, Ghana is spending more on education than Nigeria.

“And we are surprised that Industries are moving to Ghana. We are surprised that the Ghanaian President has become the leading President in Africa? We are not investing in education and human capital.

“We have a 68 per cent missing job requirement and the major areas being IT, communication and decision making. And the completion rate between entry into primary one and completing university is eight per cent, meaning that out of every 100 pupils who go into primary school, only eight come out of university. And out of those eight, nine per cent, which is one of the eight will get a job.

“So, this is the reality in addition to what is happening globally. Now, digitization to level the playing field is required, if we are deliberate and we shift from consumption to value creation. But, part of our problem is that, even when we have the solution at our feet, we do not take it,” he said.

Sanusi also noted that there is a need for skill creation for the young people which will create enabling environment for economic growth and development.

He asserted that data is one of the most crucial support that can be given to entrepreneurs for innovation.

“If somebody wants to innovate in the health sector it is to have data of people who use medical service, the location of the hospital to create and innovate solutions that will provide easy access to health care delivery and education.

He also stressed there is a need to give data access to the private sector adding that data support is very important and market access.

Source: Tribune online

Electricity: Nigeria to provide 5m households by 2030 – President Buhari

By Habila Victor

President Muhammadu Buhari has said Nigeria is working on an ambitious Energy Plan towards reducing the energy shortcomings by year 2030.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media, Femi Adesina, in a statement on Friday disclosed that Buhari spoke in line with Nigeria’s role as a Global Theme Champion for the Energy Transition, theme of the High-Level Dialogue on Energy on the sidelines of the 76th United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The president said: “Nigeria’s commitment to a just transition is reflected in our ambitious Energy Compact, which includes the Government’s flagship project to electrify five million households and twenty million people using decentralized solar energy solutions.

“This is a major first step towards closing our energy access deficit by 2030.

“Nigeria’s commitment is also reflected in the development of our Energy Transition Plan, which was developed with support of the UK COP26 Energy Transition Council.”

The Nigerian leader called for support from developed countries to unlock the financing needed to accelerate a just energy transition for all.

“The focus of our discussions on transition must now evolve how we help countries develop detailed energy transition plans and commitments to mobilize enough financing to empower countries to implement those plans,” he said.

According to him, the scale of financing required for Nigeria to achieve net-zero, amounts to over $400 billion across the Nigerian economy in excess of business-as-usual spending over the next 30 years.

“This breaks down to $155 billion net spend on generation capacity, $135 billion on transmission and distribution infrastructure, $75 billion on buildings, $21 billion on industry and $12 billion on transport.”

The president, however, said that gas would continue to have a big role to play before it is phased out, explaining that solid fuel cooking is still wreaking havoc in Africa:

“As a global leader on the energy transition, it is imperative that I flag a major risk to development that stems from the current narrative around the energy transition, particularly on the role of gas and the lack of financing.

“Nigeria’s Energy Transition Plan has laid out our roadmap to reach net-zero and highlights the scale of the effort required, which includes the development and integration of renewables into current grid infrastructure at tremendous scale and electrification of all sectors.

“This is challenging for any country, especially a developing country. On our development objectives, gas will have a key role to play here for some years before being phased out,” he said.

President Buhari noted that these plans must also take into account, the provision of access to electricity and clean cooking solutions for those in Nigeria and around the world currently without access.

According to him, an often-overlooked point is the essential role of gas in addressing clean cooking challenges.

“Globally there are 2.6 billion people who lack access to clean cooking – which is unacceptable.

“Even more concerning is that solid fuel cooking in Africa causes almost 490,000 premature deaths annually, making it the second largest health risk in Africa,’’ he further maintained.

Kenyan Court Declares Being Housewife a Full-time Payable Job

A Kenyan High Court judge, Teresia Matheka has declared that being a housewife is a full-time job that should attract some form of compensation, according to a report by TopNaija.

A housewife is a woman whose work is running or managing her family’s home—caring for her children; buying, cooking, and storing food for the family; buying goods that the family needs for everyday.

The judge who was presiding over a matrimonial property dispute, said that it is unfair for courts to rule that housewives do not contribute anything to the financial progress of the family.

The complainant is said to be a divorced lady who sought to have their family property sold and the money shared equally between her and her ex-husband.

The Judge stated that housewives should not say they don’t work since they provide services in the home that are otherwise outsourced and paid for. She added that it is unfair to only rely on seen income and the mindset that one has to contribute money to the marriage to find value.

Matheka said; “It is easy for the spouse working away from home and sending money to lay claim to the whole property purchased and developed with that money by the spouse staying at home and taking care of the children and the family. That spouse will be heard to say that the other one was not employed so they contributed nothing.

“Raising children is a full-time job that families pay a person to do. Cooking and cleaning as well. Hence, for a woman in employment who has to balance childbearing and rearing this contribution must be considered.”

The judge also urged her counterparts to consider the 9 months of pregnancy when presiding over cases of matrimonial disputes. She opined that carrying a pregnancy is equivalent to working, noting that some couples have lately resorted to hiring surrogate mothers to bear children for them.

Passing judgement on the case brought before her, Matheka ruled that the property be sold and money shared equally, or one of the spouses buy out the other party by paying half the value of the property that the party is entitled to.

100,000 PWDs to get scholarships in 2022 — Disability Commission

The National Commission for Persons with Disability has said over 100,000 People Living With Disabilities are to be awarded scholarships in 2022, to study within and outside the country.

The Executive Secretary of the Commission, James Lalu, stated this when Mr Chike Okogwu, a physically challenged activist and anchor of ‘The Specials TV Show’ paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

Lalu said that in order to empower the people, the first thing to do is to give them education, and when the people are properly educated, they will be empowered and knowledgeable about their responsibilities and challenges.

He said the NCPWD in partnership with the Universal Basic Education Commission to see how to make education attractive to PWDs.

“We have an estimated six million children with disability today in Nigeria that are out of school. Adoption of the school environment is one of the important areas.

“Also, provision of assistive technology and devices for PWDs to be able to go to school is important, this is because some PWDs in rural areas cannot go to school due to lack of wheelchairs or mobility.

”The Commission is bracing up to provide scholarships for a minimum of 100,000 PWDs in 2022. This is by virtue of our commitment to the 2022 budget, and we are committed to providing the scholarships.

“It will cut across all states of the federation. We will provide an open ground for the selection of the persons based on merit and we will make sure they get these scholarships,” Lalu said.

He further explained that it would be on a continuous basis, as the Commission wants to see more PWDs occupy most of the tertiary institutions to study.

Lalu regretted that PWDs were being discriminated against in most healthcare centres across the country in contravention of provisions in the Disability Act.

“This is because the Act makes provision for free healthcare services for children with mental disability and other types of disabilities.

”However, we are partnering with health management organisations in the country to provide Health Insurance Schemes for thousands of PWDs. We are going to inaugurate the scheme later this year and start properly in 2022.

“PWDs are also being carried along in areas of agriculture, Conditional Cash Transfer and N-Power. Over 50,000 PWDs are benefiting from CCT and over 40, 000 are enrolled in N-Power.

” I am very positive that, the era of discrimination against PWDs is over, as the NCPWD is ever ready to ensure that their livelihoods and prosperity is enhanced, without compromise,” Lalu said.

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Bauchi Community Accuses Govt Of Neglect Amid Persistent Kidnappings

Residents sympathizing with family of Birshin Fulani kidnap victim
Residents of Birshin Fulani community of Bauchi State have accused the state government and other political office holders of neglect as incessant killings and kidnappings become the norm.

The residents in a statement signed by Abdulhamid Jibrin Birshi said the persistent killings and kidnappings in the area is quite worrisome.

“Gentlemen of the press, you may recall that on September 9th 2021, unknown gunmen struck Birshin Fulani community, killed a staff of the Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi and his neighbour who was resisting being kidnapped by the gunmen.

“The kidnappers, after killing the Imam, abducted his son and one other individual and only release them after a heavy ransom was paid”, the statement read in part.

The statement further said; “In another incident, which is the third, the kidnappers stormed the community and kidnapped another individual; the fourth and the latest incident happened on Thursday the 17th of September where they ransacked the community, kidnapped the wife of an AIT staff whose pregnancy is 8 months old, making it the fourth in less than two weeks.

“In total, the kidnappers have killed two people and abducted four.

“On the latest kidnap incident, the gunmen are demanding 50 million as ransom, they have only downsized the money to 45 million after repeated pleas from the husband”, the statement added.

The statement also berated the state government and other political appointees for failing to help the residents.

“We note with dismay the inability of people in positions of power to do the needful. For instance, from the lowest to the highest political office holders in the land who usually storm our community in search of votes during the campaigns only the Deputy Speaker paid a condolence visit.

“None of our elected officer holders finds it worthy to either sympathize with us or help take concrete measures that will guarantee our safety and security from the killer gunmen who find pleasure in destroying our hard-earned peace.

“From the member of the State House of Assembly, Danlami Kawule to the House of Reps, Yakubu Shehu Abdullahi, to the Senate member Lawal Yaya Gumau and down to the Governor of Bauchi State, we did not see any concrete support from you people to help us move out of the current security limbo we are in as a community.

“The inability of these political officers holders to pay either personal or official visits in sympathy and solidarity to the people of this community that is now leaving at the mercy of killer gunmen has reminded us that we are only relevant when our votes are needed.

“This show of unpatriotism and empathy by these leaders across the cadres mentioned is a further reminder that We are on our own when tragedy befalls us.

This show of “I don’t care attitude” is highly unfortunate and regrettable.

“But we want to remind these leaders across all the cadres mention earlier, that power is transient; any position you are occupying today have once been occupied by someone, and today history has pushed them aside”, the statement further said.

Efforts to reach the Governor’s Adviser on security Retired General Marcus Yake proves abortive as calls and text messages put to him on the matter has not been responded to as of press time.

But the police say it was on top of its game. The Divisional Police Officer, Yelwa Division SP Philip Emmanuel told our correspondent that the division had received distress calls from members of the community when the gunmen entered the community.

“I was told about the incident and I immediately sent members of the JTF from the division. They stormed the place, but unfortunately, the kidnappers have left with the woman before our men arrived”, he said.

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Fani-Kayode dumps PDP, joins APC

Former Aviation Minister and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, Femi Fani-Kayode, has formally defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress.

Fani-Kayode, who used to be a fierce critic of President Muhammadu Buhari, until recently, was presented to Buhari by the Chairman, Caretaker Committee of the APC, and governor of Yobe State, Mai Mala Buni on Thursday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

On the reason he dumped the PDP for the APC, Fani-Kayode claimed the Spirit of God led him in the decision, adding that he joined the APC to help for the unity of the country.

He went further to say that he was against anything that would cause the disintegration of Nigeria.

He hinted that he played a major role in Governors Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State, Ben Ayade, Cross River State, and Bello Matawale of Zamfara State, dumping the PDP for the APC.

He also said he was wooing Enugu State Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as well as Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde and Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed to join the ruling party.

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UN Assembly: Presidency charges media to ignore IPOB, Yoruba Nation agitators, focus on Buhari

The Presidency on Wednesday asked media organisations in Nigeria to focus on issues to be discussed by the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), at the United Nations Assembly in New York.

This was contained in a statement issued by Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity on Wednesday.

The statement is a reaction to an ongoing protest by Yoruba Nation, IPOB agitators, and others at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Nigerians agitating for Yoruba Nation and Indigenous People of Biafra among others had resumed their protest at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on Wednesday.

They vowed to reconvene on Friday, September 24 when the president will be addressing the UN24 when the president will be addressing the UN Assembly.

The statement read in part, “Meanwhile, the Nigerian government will continue its work at the UN- to fight against corruption and illicit financial flows, and international cooperation.

“If we want to see stolen funds returned to their rightful home in Nigeria, the government must continue to campaign for and coordinate global action on asset recovery.

“The government will remain the leading regional actor in the fight against global terror – particularly against threats emanating from the Sahel. Through the Nigerian Technical Aid Corps programme, the country also shares technical expertise with countries from the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific.

“At the same time, the administration is implementing a programme of environmental sustainability to combat developments which destroys Nigerian communities in vulnerable regions.

“Only through the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development can we secure a prosperous future for Nigeria.

“As the largest country in Africa, the government takes seriously its leadership role and will continue to strive for continental unity, cooperation, and shared prosperity.

“Our expectation is therefore for the media to work with the government to focus attention on the core issues the President, the leader of the country has on his Programme.”

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MGI Introduces Patrons Cup For Scrabble Players

As the countdown to the 2020/2021 Mindgames Scrabble Premier League Finale continues,  organisers of the prestigious league competition have included another tournament which will run side by side with the main event.
The  MGI Patrons Cup has been created to accommodate individual players who do not belong to any team involved in the Premier League but desire to get engaged in the board game during the Finale.
Apart from opportunities to win a trophy and earn rating points as well as prestige at the grand tournament, participants will  also win some cash prizes.

Top 10 finishers have been guaranteed various cash prizes at the 15-round tournament.
Intending players according to a statement issued by MGI Boss Lukeman Owolabi, are expected to register for the two-day tourney which runs from September 17 to 18 this year.
 The MGI Chief urged interested players “who are planning to join us this weekend  for the exquisite tournament experience to register for the event as entries have been capped at 50”
The MSPL which is scheduled for this weekend at D’Podium International events centre, Lagos has the support of Tranos Nigeria Limited and Loense International.

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