Dr Adamu Accuses President Buhari of Legalizing Corruption

Mike Odeh James

One of Nigeria’s foremost pro democracy crusader, Dr.Sani Adamu has reiterated his previous stance the february, 2019 Presidential poll was not free and fair but was rather manipulated and rigged in favour of the sitting President, Muhammed Buhari.

Dr.Sani Adamu the founder of Deservation. Org a group which actively campaigned for the election of Former Vice President of Nigeria , Alhaji Atiku was speaking on Monday 19, August 2019 at The Abubakar Atiku Democratic Institute Fadeyi Lagos.

In a keynote address titled A STOLEN MANDATE WILL
NIGERIA , Sani accused the President of elevating corruption to an all time high .Sani alleged that while singing anti corruption mantra, he actually authorized and permitted corrupt activities so long as it was members of the President’s party that were involved in it .
He made references to Dr.Orji Uzor Kalu, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Governor Abdullahi Ganduje all who were of high levels of corruption yet the government seem reluctant to probe them.

“You are free to indulge in
corruption as long as you are a
member of APC and support the
desperate ambition of Mohammadu Buhari. Not only is the President ready to provide a refuge for the corrupt, he has gone ahead to even reward the corrupt with authoritative slot”.

“If you do not understand what I mean, check out the Akpabios, the Orji Uzo Kalus, the Timpre Sylvas and the Gandujes”, he added.”

On the economic front, Dr.Sani lampooned President Buhari and the his government for making avoidable mistakes that has crippled the economy and has led to the widespread poverty in the country .He Further noted that 98 million Nigerians have been thrown into abject poverty since 2015 and that as long Buhari continues to cling unto power by hook and by crook he is bound to make more costly mistakes .

“The Nigeria economy is on autopilot with no captain or first officer. Poverty has been officially declared to be multidimensional in Nigeria and still growing since regime of President Muhammadu Buhari began in 2015 Ninety eight million Nigerians are caught up in multi-dimensional poverty with no hope of recovery, for as long as Mohammadu Buhari is
President”, he added .

The democracy crusader however urged Nigerians to remain steadfast in their belief that the judiciary would eventual do the needful, going by the brilliance with which the Atiku legal team presented it case at the electoral tribunal and eventually Abubakar Atiku will declared winner of the February 23, 2019 poll.