​Insecurity: lnterfaith Media Forum Urges Govt To Be Proactive ln Securing Schools

The lnterfaith Mediation Centre,monthly Forum with Media on Peace Journalism has urged government to ensure that both public and private schools are secured in the state to protect the students and their teachers from the risk of been kidnapped.

The forum further called on Kaduna government to facilitate the safe release of kidnapped Afaka Students of School of forestry Mechanization to ensure they are reunited with their families as soon as possible.

The Interfaith Mediation centre’s Community Initiatives to Promote Peace (CIPP), also condemned the call for the Yoruba community to vacate the north by a northern youth group.

In a communiqué signed by the Co- Executive Directors,Rev Dr James Movel Wuye and Shiekh Imam Nurayn Ashafa at the end of the meeting in Kaduna on tuesday,the forum further lamented the surge and poor welfare of IDPs in the state with a call on government to urgently meet the needs of the displaced persons across the various camps.

The interfaith forum called on ” the Kaduna State government to be proactive by providing security in both public and private schools in the State in order to protect the lives of the students and their teachers.”

The forum further urged the ” Kaduna State government to heed the calls by people to negotiate with the kidnappers/bandits that abducted the students of the Federal Forestry Mechanization College Afaka, Igabi local government area of Kaduna State, so as to pave way for the possible release of the abducted students.”

The forum ” observed that there is an urgent need to educate and enlighten the students about basic security tips so that they can protect their lives.”

They also noted that community leaders and parents should also team up with government so as to win the war against kidnapping/banditry in the State.

According to them,” government should engage recognized civilian joint task force in the State and they should be equipped by the security agencies in the State so as to tackle the security challenge in the State.

Pointing out” that unemployment is the major genesis of insecurity in Nigeria, stressing that there is urgent need to empower the people, especially the youth.

” The lamented that informants in the society has done a lot of harm because the kidnappers/bandit’s in executing their evil acts, and urged them to have the fear of God and also to desist from the act.

“In the Forum an overview within the month of March 2021, noted that kidnapping/banditry activities has increased in Birinin Gwari, Giwa, Zangon Kataf local government areas of Kaduna State.”

The media forum again ” decried over the increase of more IDPs across the country, pointing out that, there urgent need for the governments to come to their humanitarian needs, especially as the raining season is fast approaching.

The statement frowned at the purported ” quit notice given to Yoruba tribe by some youths groups in Northern Nigeria, saying that Nigeria belongs to everybody and there is need to live together for the country to progress.”the stressed

Buhari, NASS Leadership meet over supplementary for security, Covid-19

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday met behind closed doors with Senate President Ahmad Lawan and the Speaker, House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, at the State House, Abuja.
Speaking to State House correspondents at the end of the meeting, the senate president said they deliberated on crucial national issues including the issue of supplementary budget meant to provide for the funding of the COVID-19 vaccination.

He said the supplementary budget would also cater for the logistics and welfare needs of the nation’s security agencies to enable them effectively tackle the challenges of insecurity across the country.

“We have come to meet with Mr. President, to discuss issues of serious national concern. And one of those issues is the issue of supplementary budget.

“Both executive and legislative arms believe that we should have supplementary budget to provide for funding of the COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria, as well as the security, providing more resources and platforms to our security agencies.

“And today, I’m sure in Nigeria, there are no more grave issues, than COVID-19 and security situation in the country. And I want to take this opportunity to say that the security situation is gradually improving.

“And I’m sure that when we will have more resources to our security agencies will see an even faster recovery of our situation,’’ he said.

On COVID-19 vaccines, Lawan stressed the need for Nigerian scientists to collaborate with other scientists from across the globe to develop an effective COVID-19 vaccine locally.

The senate president expressed the readiness of the National Assembly to support such scientific ideas to boost local manufacturing of vaccines in the country.

He stated that local production of the vaccines had become imperative in view of the decisions of some vaccine producing countries not to supply their products to other countries for reasons best known to them.

He said: “As for the COVID, I believe that our country, Nigeria should have some resources for our scientists to collaborate with other scientists from across the globe, to also have our own vaccine.

“Because we can’t rely on what other countries are doing now, every nation to itself, that’s what is happening.

“The US is not allowing vaccines to go out of US. EU is not allowing, AstraZeneca vaccine produced in UK to be sent out of EU. India is not allowing AstraZeneca vaccine they produce to be exported out.

“So where do we go from here? We will have to fall back on our own capacities and abilities. And we have great scientists in this country.

“We have many Nigerians outside Nigeria, who are also helping developing the vaccines in other countries.

“So why don’t you bring them home? Why don’t you put some resources so they will also produce ours locally here and take care of our population, and the  later other African countries especially our neighbours.

“So I believe that we had a very good discussions and interaction with Mr President along those lines.’’

On security challenges, Lawan assured that the National Assembly would continue to approve funds meant to provide more sophisticated equipment and gadgets for security agencies to tackle insurgency sand other criminal activities in the country.

“We’re expecting some APCs from China. And we believe that we’ve not had enough, we still need to approve more resources for the purchase of weapons for our armed forces, because this is the number one priority of government or any government really, to secure  the people, and of course later the welfare.

“So we believe that we will be doing the right thing, if there is a request through supplementary appropriation bill from the presidency or executive arm of government, we’ll look at it and approve.

“Of course, we have to have clear cut definition of how much is going for what, we’re not going to just give approval like that for a general thing. We want to see how the funds will be utilised.

“But it is mandatory that we provide more resources for our armed forces, and they’re doing well,’’ he said.

On his part, Gbajabiamila, who fielded questions on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), said the national assembly was committed to approving the bill by the end of April.

He said: “We made a commitment to the Nigerian people and  that commitment is April, end of April.

“But let me just add that, you know, give or take two three weeks, like he said, may only… because at the time the commitment was made, we didn’t take into cognizance the fact of Easter break and Ramadan is coming up as well.

“We’re still shooting for going for end of April. But we’re not going to straitjacket ourselves into a particular date, when I say end of April, we are talking thereabout, it maybe a week after maybe two weeks after at most, our best.’’

​Yoruba desire to produce next president a collective assignment – Alaafin

Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, says the desire of Yoruba to produce the next president of Nigeria in 2023 is a collective assignment.

The monarch has also vowed that Yoruba would defend their land in the interest of Nigeria’s unity, declaring his support for a united Nigeria.

Oba Adeyemi spoke when the Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrosheed Adewale Akanbi, visited him in his palace in Oyo on Monday.

He lamented the continued failure of the Nigerian system due to worsening insecurity, stating that security should be removed from the exclusive legislative list to allow the state governors to effectively check insecurity.

The monarch, however, expressed regret that state governors described by the constitution as the chief security officers of their individual states “are toothless.”

Alaafin said, “Nigeria is under weak system. The system is no more working. Nigeria’s system of government is failing most especially on security. Security should not be under exclusive legislative list. I’ve attended several fora where security issues are discussed but I used to challenge our state governors. Security wise, they are toothless. If the Inspector General of Police orders for the release of a suspect, no state governor can reverse such order. We have put machineries in place and arrested many kidnappers. We handed them to the police but many of them were later released. This calls for sober reflection.

“The agitation for a one Nigeria is noted in the activities of Oluwo. His assignment to lead a united Council of Yoruba Obas is equally noted. The call for ensuring Yoruba produce the next president is a collective assignment. We will defend our land (Yorubaland) while we lend a voice to one Nigeria. I hereby declare for one Nigeria.”

Alaafin and the Oluwo also warned Nigerians from all sections of the country against making inflammatory statements.

The monarchs, however, bemoaned the destruction of farms by herders and killing of innocent farmers.

Oluwo of Iwo earlier appealed to the Yoruba people to apply wisdom in their agitation for secession, stressing that there is strength in the nation’s diversity.

The monarch also appealed to all Yoruba to support efforts by the region to produce the next president of the country under a united Nigeria, rather that toeing the injurious path of division.
Oba Akanbi challenged secession agitators to recall their representatives in the National Assembly, stressing that was the only way they could convince everyone that they were serious about seceding from the rest of Nigeria.

He described as uncultured statements made against Yoruba monarchs by some of the secession agitators.

The monarch warned the secession agitators abusing some Yoruba royal fathers for not backing their demand for a separate country to exercise caution in their approach to the issue.