Prophet Feeds Over 170 Beggars in Kaduna….says they need people that can put smiles on their faces

By Uangbaoje Alex,  Kaduna

Over  170 destitute  in Kaduna at  the weekend, had the opportunity to eat delicious meals provided  by Prophet Chidi Nete.

Chidi Nete, is the Senior Prophet of the Immortality International Gospel Centre, Kaduna and a philanthropist and founder of Immortality Givers Foundation Worldwide.

The destitute  included those that had suffered leprosy, the lame, the blind and street beggars known as Almajiris, amongst others, who are mostly homeless  are mostly found on Hadejia Road, beside Kano Road Central Mosque in Kaduna City.

Chidi, who is popularly known as Prophetic Nete, according to one of the leaders of destitute groups, Hassan Lawal, popularly addressed as Sarki (King) is one man who always remembers them in the most critical times.

He said as destitute, their only means of livelihood is begging from passers-by for survival, saying the prophet doesn’t wait for them to ask him before reaching out to them.

He therefore, prayed that God multiply him for his kind gesture towards the poor and needy in the society.

Lawal, urged the prophet not to relent in his good deeds because God is watching him and will richly reward him for all he is doing, calling on all well meaning people to imitate him by providing for the less privileged.

Prophet Nete said he always feeds the poor because he believes anytime one feeds the less privileged according to the Bible, he is giving to God directly.

He noted that the money you spend on the less privileged is what you are giving to God directly and that he decided to pick it up as a man of God.

“As a clergy man, I have been doing this for years now, since 2008 and this is 2022, about 14 years now, making sure that these kind people in the society are having fresh air through some of us that are privileged a little.

“It is just some charity work that God pushed on my mind some years back when I was praying and the Lord said go and take up the less privileged and make them your children, take care of them, take responsibility, and since then it has been like that.

“So since  then, whenever we have anything, we make sure that these people have smiles on their faces because looking at those here, some of them don’t have legs, they don’t have eyes, some of them cannot even fend for themselves.

“And looking at the current situation in Nigeria, they are just stagnant and they really need people that can put smiles on their faces. Some of these people you are seeing here today, if you put smiles on their faces, invariably you are doing that to please God,” he said.

According to him, “the best time that makes me happy is when I find myself between these less privileged people,  that cannot fend for themselves because I was once like them, hopeless but God gave me hope and I took it upon myself today to make sure that these people are happy.”

He explained that, “this is what we have been doing irrespective of our religion, irrespective of our differences. I am an Igbo man, a Christian, these people are from the North and Muslims but I find it joyful anytime I am feeding them because we are all human beings before God.

“Before God there is no religion. We are all human beings and doing the right thing is the only thing that would make you  see God.  I am happy whenever I see them happy and smiling with the little token I give them, and they are saying Oga mun gode (thank you sir). I am happy that God is using somebody like me to even feed over 170 people at once.

“It is a privilege, I count it a privilege and opportunity giving to the poor what God has given to me and we will not stop doing this, we will keep doing it until Christ comes.”

Children’s Day: Hope for the Village Child, Hosts Rural Kids to Funfair…….it’s my first time of seeing recreation facility, says Primary 4 pupil

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

It was an event filled with excitement, joy and  surprises, as an NGO, Hope for the Village Child Foundation (HVCF), hosted some rural children from different communities in Chikun and Igabi Local Government Areas in Kaduna State to a Funfair as part of activities to celebrate the 2022, Children’s Day.

Nigeria set aside 27th of May every year to celebrate children Nationwide, following the International Children’s Day, declaration on 1st June 1925 during the World Conference on the Welfare of Children adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20th.

This day has been celebrated globally, but mostly in the urban centres without considering the rural children. This according to Salama Ibrahim, of HVCF, was the reason the NGO, decided to organized a funfair for their “Local Right Partners (LRP)” rural children to celebrate the 2022 Children’s Day, with the theme “A Better Future for Every Child”.

“Although children have been assigned this day to be celebrated, children in the rural communities are often left out in this celebration and thus unable to create the fun memories associated with the celebration of this day due to poverty and low level of education of their parents.

“It is for this reason that Hope for the Village Child Foundation an organization that has been working to better the lives of rural children with sponsorship from ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) organized the Funfair.” She said.

The children who could not hide their joy while expressing themselves at the Goshen Garden, thanked organisers of the Funfair for bringing them out of their local community into Kaduna city to an opportunity to mingle with other children from different background.

In his words, one of the children, 14 years old, Hassan Ishaku, a primary four pupil of UBE Rafin Kwarya, said “it is my first time of coming to a playground of this magnitude, where you have children of both the rich and the poor playing, dancing and jumping around together.

“I have made a lots of friends here today, I have learned so many things that I have never see in my life. I am so happy and I thank the people that brought us here today. I appeal that they bring us here again next year, I will so much more appreciate if I would have another opportunity to make more friends.”

Salama, also noted that the children; both Christians and Muslims, were able to learn to tolerate each other and to build team spirit during their participation in different team building games.

“Hosting this event at Alpha games of Goshen garden provided a first time fun experience for these rural children because they had opportunities to see and play in a recreational facility as well as mingle with other children from the city.” She added.

Apart from playing various games and partying with other children, gift items and refreshments were also lavished on the the children.

The children were selected from Rafin Kwarya, Panbawa, Rafin Kara, Kurmin Sara and Panzato communities respectively.