Provost seeks degree awarding status for Gidan Waya COE

Provost Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan Waya, Professor Alexander Kure, has renewed call for the upgrade of the college to a degree awarding institution for improved productivity.

The provost made the call during an interactive session with newsmen in his office in Gidan Waya during the week.

Professor Kure explained that since the state government has placed emphasis on employing degree holders in its primary and secondary schools, it was necessary to upgrade the institution to reap from the pool of qualified teachers being produced.

He noted with dismay how federal and state lawmakers from Southern Kaduna extraction have abandoned the school which has been suffering from paucity of funds to improve the standard of learning, challenging them to rally round the college by lobbying for the upgrade of the institution as well as for more projects to be cited in the school.

He pointed out that the college is over 40 years without being upgraded, adding that similar colleges in other states had become degree awarding institutions after just 20 years of existence.

Speaking on intake of students in the college, Professor Kure lamented that the number had reduced considerably, not because the people do not desire to study in the college, but because of the increase in school fees.

He appealed to the state government to consider a review of the cost of school fees, considering that most parents find it difficult to pay because of their financial status.


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