Stomach Politics Is Not Good—Wike Tells FFK

Rivers State Governor Mr Nyesom Wike has lambasted Nigeria’s former Aviation Minister Mr Femi Fani Kayode for defecting to the All Progressives Congress, APC, describing his action as “stomach politics.”

Mr Wike who was speaking with BBC Pidgin said; “stomach politics is not good, nothing is better than one’s integrity.”

Mr Wike added that “What has FFK help PDP achieve”, arguing that the former minister was immaterial during his stay in the PDP.

The Governor questions Mr Kayode’s integrity saying, that the former minister should build his own integrity rather than carrying his father’s credentials.

“If Nigerians are respecting my father when he was alive, that was my father, what about me”, he queried, suggesting that FFK’s portrayal of his father’s integrity does not apply to his character.

Mr Wike also turned to his interviewee to ask some rhetorical questions.

“If your father was a chief justice of Nigeria that is well respected, and you are now smoking Igboh, or you are smoking Indian hemp, what has your father’s credentials got to do with your Igboh or Indian hemp? Tell me. So we should be respecting you because your father is a former CJ? What is that?

“For you to earn respect, you must also live a life that shows that you are a daughter to the former CJ of Nigeria that was respected if at all he was respected”, Wike added.

Wike added that “If your father had money, what about you? Do you have the money?

The governor also questioned FFK repeated matrimonial failures, saying  “you claim any family background only to be seen pursuing one wife today, tomorrow two wives, the other day three wives—these are the kinds of people you say have good background”, he asked.

Source: Wikki times