​Why I resigned as secretary to become shoemaker in Abuja – Amaka

A 26 year-old Miss Sophia Amaka, quit her job as a secretary to become a shoe maker, to satisfy her passion for making shoes.

Amaka said that she took the bold step to quit her job as a secretary in 2016, to venture into shoe making business, because she wanted to be unique.

According to her, shoe making gives me more time and pays more than anyone can pay me.

“I ventured into this business because I want to be unique and different from what any woman is doing.”

She added that her siblings laughed at her when she informed them of her plan.

“Didn’t you see another thing to do apart from shoe making, you want to disgrace the family?” they asked her.

Miss Amaka enjoying her newly found occupation, shoemaking

She said a lot of people encouraged her to follow her passion and no one so far had looked down on her.

“I saw how shoes were made for the first time in Redeemed Christian Church of God, Kubwa, Abuja.

“This was at their annual entrepreneurship conference in 2016.

“My biggest achievement so far is my customer’s feedback, I make slippers and repair already made shoes for both men and women.

“Making slippers and repairing already made shoes gives me strength,” she said.

She said she preferred to be a shoemaker, because one day her small shop would turn out to become an empire.

She, however, disclosed that she had two apprentices, who had trained and were already making sandals for clients.

Amaka, who called on young girls to dare to be different, said she wanted them to come to her for training on shoe making.

“Follow your heart, no matter the situation don’t listen to anyone, just follow your mind’.

She said that passion for what one does was very important, adding that it was what kept her going.

“My passion is my strength, I still intend to go for further training, so that I can be the best.

Ashnews Daily

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