​Anambra: Primary ‘ll determine maturity of  PDP delegates — Maduka

Aspirant for the November 6 governorship Anambra poll, under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Godwin Maduka has said that the June 26 primary of the party would determine the maturity of the delegates, advising them to ignore what he called political distractions and fight for the future of the state and their children.

Addressing the would -be delegates in Awka, Maduka reminded them of the need to consider the interest of the state and the capability of each aspirant to deliver while making their choice during the primaries, urging them not to allow those he described as electoral manipulators to influence them.

Maduka said his reason for the meeting was to educate delegates   to know their rights and to know the power they posses, adding that if they knew the power they carry to elect a credible and financially stable candidate, they would ignore political distractions from various quarters.

While urging PDP delegates not to yield to any political inducement, he asked them to see their duty as a civic act and vote a candidate that had attracted developmental projects through self worth and promised to empower all the delegates if nominated as PDP candidate on their forthcoming primary election.

He said: “Before venturing into politics, I was developing my community based on my conviction to serve humanity and to say thank you God for his numerous blessing, I was a child of poverty. Before venturing into politics I had tried on personal strength to give back to the society that gave life to me.

“Umuchukwu, my home town and its environs are evidence of self made man. But with your votes, it would be on higher level with the help of  experts in all sectors of the economy so that   Anambra will bounce again.

“On my honor, if the PDP delegates play right wing politics by shunning shady   process and vote for a candidate with open evident of developmental projects in the state, I will engage you in all my gigantic investments as a reward for politically liberating Anambra from the hands of political jobbers.

“If I am elected PDP flag bearer I promise that this state will enjoy a new lease of life as all the senatorial zones will be given a fast face lift. I will pull all my foreign contact to come rebuild Anambra,

“I wore poverty as a cloth, I ate it as food and am here to reduce poverty to its barest minimum and that is why I beg all PDP delegates to vote for me.”

Source: Vanguard News Nigeria

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