​Jonathan responsible for insecurity in Nigeria – Northern Youths

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been blamed for the current insecurity woes in the country.

This was as the Northern Youth Leaders Forum on Saturday, said the country would have been spared the current security challenges if Jonathan had not contested after accomplishing the late President Musa Yar’Adua’s serving term.

The group claimed that Goodluck, who had allegedly had an agreement with some northern leaders to serve a term, later changed his mind and re-contested.

The NLYF Chairman, Elliot Afiyo, who spoke with newsmen, said the coalition which was championing rotational presidency, had now changed its mind to support a qualified candidate from any part of the country.

According to him, a “coalition or cabal is behind the current security situation being faced by the country. With what is going on in this country, we need to bring anybody from anywhere in this country to deal with the situation.

“If you flash back to the Jonathan regime, you will observe that Jonathan was ready and willing to deal with the security situation, but some people, especially from the North (undermined him) – we have evidence. A coalition or cabal benefitting from the insecurity is causing the insecurity in this country. And you need somebody with a lion heart to deal with it. That is why we threw the presidency open.

“If Jonathan had agreed on that one term, we wouldn’t have been having all these insecurity (challenges) that we are having.”

Source: TG News