2023: North will support Tinubu if he contest for President – Ahmed Kabir

Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Arc. Hon.Ahmed Kabir Abdullahi says the North will fully support former Lagos State governor, Sen. Bola Tinubu, if he decides to contests for president in 2023.

The Commissioner in an interview with newsmen in Kaduna said its support was in the national interest.

Arc. Ahmed Kabir Abdullahi said that the choice of Tinubu was also premised on the sterling records of his achievements, especially in the areas of human development, democracy and peace building.

According to him, Tinubu’s detribalised nature is second to none, judging from the composition of his government as Lagos State governor, which encompassed all tribes.

The Commissioner said this was in addition to the All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader’s love for national unity and development.

“If you critically take stock of Nigeria’s past and present leaders and their contributions to human development, you would see that Tinubu believes that the true essence of leadership is planting life-time seeds.

“He is the only leader alive today that has demonstrated such.

“Look at those he has empowered politically and entrepreneurially across the country, you would not but concede to the fact that his definition of leadership is empowerment.

“So, the barometer to measure a true leader is from those he has built, and without mentioning names, the list is endless,” he said.

He explained that Tinubu’s believe in a democratic, peaceful and united Nigeria is unquestionable.

“Without mincing words, Tinubu was frontal to achieving the democracy we are enjoying today.

“Tinubu with other pro-democratic personalities across the country stood firm during the military junta to ensure that Nigeria returned to a democratic government even at the expense of their lives.

“If you carefully consider all he has done for the country so far, you would understand that he is the kind of leader Nigerians presently want,” he said.

The commissioner further maintained that Tinubu has more supporters across the country than he even imagines.

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