​Stop telling lies to Nigerians, Rep Member blasts Lai Mohammed

The Member representing the Ethiope federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon Ben Igbakpa, has tongue-lashed the Minister for Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed to stop telling “lies to Nigerians,” in the discharge of his official duties.

The lawmaker also described as disappointing the utterances of the minister in the defense of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration saying, “He is just telling lies and is even instigating problems to the current administration.”

Speaking to Vanguard yesterday, the lawmaker said: “I am surprised that when people get into office they forget that they are from somewhere and they act as if they will never leave the office.

“I am sure that if the minister was to be on the other side he won’t be talking the way he’s talking because all the things he’s saying as senseless and unpatriotic.

“Patrotism is not about standing with the President. It is about standing with the people and the constitution but the utterances of the minister have been very very disappointing in recent times.

“I remember when he was on the other side against former President Good luck Jonathan bit today, he seems to be eating his vomit.

“For me, his utterances of late do not make any sense and I just choose to ignore him, because he doesn’t give Nigerians the reason he was appointed as Minister for Information which I believe there are specific functions attached to which is to tell Nigerians the truth and propagate the positives activities of the government he represents.

“But for Lai Mohammed, he is not doing any good, maybe because there is nothing much to showcase and other is that he is just telling lies, he is even instigating problems because some of his utterances are not statesmanlike and very disappointing.”

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