​Environmental Pollution: Group Unveils First Solar-oven for Baking

The Director of a non-governmental  organization (Developmental Association of renewable energies DARE) Engineer Yahaya Ahmed, has emphasized on the need to use solar oven in baking Bread, cake and other eatable item in order to reduce air pollution and global warming.

He said the oven uses only sun-light and it hold the heat which enabled it to help in cooking and warming all form  of food items within short time.

Yahaya, who stated this while addressing journalist in Kaduna said the  solar oven  is a device which uses the energy of direct sunlight to heat, cook or pasteurize  drink and other food materials.

 “how the solar oven work is through Converting light energy to heat energy, and that enabled the solar brief-case cook what ever is inside the oven within short time for family consumption”

“The solar oven must be turned towards the sun and left until the food is cooked, turn the oven to face the sun more precisely and to ensure that shadows from nearby buildings or plants have not blocked the sunlight”

“This is the first time, we bring the technology in Nigeria, and our goal is to train plenty rural urban and urbans women on it uses,so as to save our forestry from going extinction due to continuous demand of firewood and charcoal business that is ravaging Nigeria forest”

“Solar cooker  concentrate sunlight onto a receiver such as a cooking oven . The interaction between the light energy and the receiver material converts light to heat and this is called conduction”

Engineer Yahaya explained that Northern Nigeria is highly blessed with heat from sun-light, hence the need to educate more women and youth on ways to embracing cooking foodstuff  with the oven in order to save Nigerian forestry from continuous demand of charcoal and firewood trees.

He said local bakery house also need to embrace the new technology so as to reduce burning of firewood when baking bread, adding that cutting down of  forestry for baking is also contributing toward triggering Climate change, desertification and other ecological challenges that is affecting our environment on daily basis.

According to the Director, “any solar cookers currently in use are relatively inexpensive, low-tech devices , although some are as powerful or as expensive as traditional stoves,and advanced, large-scale solar cookers can cook for hundreds of people.Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to operate”.

One of the participants, Mrs Ruth Timothy expressed happiness for such a training, saying she enjoys using the oven in her every day activities.

She called on rural women to embrace using the technology so as to halt spending money buying Gas and charcoal with firewood.

Mrs Timothy added that it is the easiest thing for every women to have such solar oven that uses all sun for cooking and baking other item.

Similarly,  The assistant Director of African climate reporters, Dr piman Hoffman, said Solar ovens harness the sun’s energy to cook food ,the easiest ways without causing any environmental problems .

Piman says “you don’t have to use gas or electricity for meals,cause this saves money  and is better for the environment”.

“Traditional bakeries daily contribute to the increased global warming which inturn triggers climate change. And this is because they still practice the old method of using firewood for their activities”.

“Africa’s forestry is gradually going extinct due to continuous demand of firewood for domestic cooking, bakery, building construction and mining activities.”

The Climatologist said that every day thousands of trees are cut down without replacement of new ones in Nigeria and some parts of Africa, adding that more forestry are fast turning into desert land and this has forced the migration of millions of wildlife animals and human beings.

“The daily demand of firewood by traditional bakery houses is becoming a big threat to forestry, hence, the need for AU, European Union, (EU) and other stakeholders to embark on raising awareness on the dangers posed by traditional bakeries activities to the forest land in Africa,” he said.

In a research conducted by a team of African Climate Reporters, it was revealed that in every community/gheto in cities of Africa, there are more than 3 to 4 traditional local bakeries that daily uses a truck load of firewood for it activities.

Hoffman stressed that bakery owners in Africa needed to embraced modern methods to carryout their activities like electricity or solar power for baking, other than depending on firewood and charcoal.

“Humans throughout history have played a key role in determining the number of living trees, but, the fact remains that local bakeries in Africa consumed high quantity of firewood daily for production and other uses.

“The old method of baking consumed large quantity of firewood and yet workers still used manual form of mixing the ingredients during their production.
“The old methods were seen as unnecessary, both hygienically and financially unsound, most importantly since it produces bread and sweets that are not up to standard amd taste.

“The population of trees decreased daily as a result of this ugly practice of illegal felling of trees including the activities of local miners.

Human activity is the greatest predictor of whether trees will survive in a given area,” Hoffman disclosed.

He said that government must halt the continuous attack on forest for firewood, rather local bakers should embrace alternative energy from sun, wind, and electricity.

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