​ENDSARS: Resist enemies of the Nation, Northern Governors beg Nigerians

Worried by the #ENDSARS protest which led todestruction of lives and properties in some parts of the country, Northern Governors have called on Nigerians to resist all enemies of the nation trying to plunge the nation into chaos.  
The Northern Governor’s forum (NGF)  held an emergency meeting this Thursday, appealing all citizens to restraint themselves from unwarranted disposition of sentiments, harassment and intimidation of other citizens resident in their home states.
In a communique signed by the chairman of the forum and Governor of Plateau State, Simon Bako Lalong, NGF expressed worry and concern on why the protests have persisted despite the magnanimity exhibited by the Federal Government and various State Govenments calls from well-meaning Nigerians to put an end to the protest.

The Forum  calls for comprehensive and robust reforms in the Police Force to supports various Federal Government initiatives put in place by the Federal Government and will ensure that they are fast track and given more impetus by the Nineteen (19) Northern states.
The Governors said it’s constitutional rights of all citizen to express concern even by way of protest, it however condemned the incessant destruction of lives and properties that ensued in the process.
“Forum commiserates with those who lost their lives ,the wounded and those whose properties where destroyed.

“Forum strongly sues for unity and peaceful co-existence of all citizens and groups of people in Nigeria. Urge all
Nigerians to see themselves as equal citizens of the country as the unity of Nigeria cannot be compromised.

The communique reads in part that: “The Forum regrets the diabolical influencers in form of hooliganism, ethno-religious bigots and even political marauders who are bent on pulling the nation down its knees and pushing for regime change. 

“The Forum called on all Nigerians to resist these enemies of the nation by supporting Mr. President, the Federal Government and
democracy at large.

“Forum notes that all these are antics of the enemies of the country who are violently pushing for regime changeoutside the ballot box.

” Forum resolve further intensify their strategic engagements among different levels of stakeholders in their respective states.

“The Forum advocates for the Constitution of Judicial Commission of enquiry to investigate all levels of destruction and killings during the Endsars protest.

“Calls for greater synergy between the state and the federal government in strengthening the unity, oneness and overall development of the country.

“Federal Government to explore the possibility of ending ASUU strike. Most of the youths are idle staying at home.

” forum further restates her commitment in exploring area of reviving the ailing economy of the North with reference to
those areas of comparative advantage.

“The Forum is in synergy with other Governors in the South-West,
South-South and South-East to address this challenges of nationhood headlong. Together we shall keep Nigeria united and indissoluble.”

“The Forun salutes the resilience and restraint of the Northen Youths in the face of the current challenges. Also, the Forum acknowledges the leadership qualities executed exhibited by some prominent Nigerian Leaders in persuading and calming nerves of the youths,” the communique ended. 
While pledging their supports to their  Southern counterparts,  the forum also notes the heavy presence of external influencers both locally and internationaly.
They further Called on all citizens particularly community leaders and youth groups to be very vigilant and report the presence of such people to security agencies.

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