MJTF troops rescue 8 children from terrorists’ enclave

Troops of Sector 2 of the Multinational Joint Task force (MJTF) in Republic of Chad have rescued 12 people, including eight children, held captive by Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) terrorists, after they laid ambush against the insurgents near Barkalam, an area along Lake Chad near the Nigerian border.

During the operation three canoes belonging to the terrorists were capsized, which led to the death and arrest of some ISWAP fighters and injuries of others, according to Col. Mohammed Dole, spokesperson of MJTF, in a statement.

“In line with its policy of safe transfer of surrendered insurgents and rescued hostages, the Headquarters, MNJTF used helicopter to facilitate their movement from Baga Sola to N’Djamena Chad,” Dole said.

He said the Chadian Chief of Defense Staff (CDS), Lt. Gen. Abakar Abdelkarim Daoud received the rescued persons at Air Force Base, and reiterated the  “absolute commitment and determination of the National and MNJTF forces to combat the menace of the terrorists in the Lake Chad Basin.”

Dole said the military had  transported the rescued hostages to a military medical facility for medical attention, thereafter they would be reunited with their families.

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