Army arrests 40 foreigners after capture of Sambisa Forest

The Nigerian Army has arrested over 40 foreign nationals, since the capture of Sambisa Forest, according to The Nation.

A source revealed that the foreigners were being investigated, to ascertain if they were working for Boko Haram or not.

“In the last one week since we launched massive operations in Sambisa Forest, we have arrested over 40 foreigners,” he said.

“We will come up with the details later after the profiling of these suspects. They are all being debriefed. But we discovered that there were so many foreigners in the midst of Boko Haram.

“We have also rescued a lot of people who are being screened too.”

The source also added that Boko Haram has been dispersed and dislocated.

“The success of the operations is significant because there is no habitation beyond these areas in Sambisa Forest. The area is about 66,000 sq kilometres and there are so many parts uninhabited,” he added.

“Many insurgents, including their leaders, were killed and many were captured. Many insurgents are now fleeing. The situation now is that Boko Haram insurgents have been dispersed and dislocated.”

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